Top 10 Best Weapons in PUBG | Guide | 2018


Now they say that it’s the player’s skills and not the tool that really makes the difference in multiplayer. Although we agree with the statement, for the most part. It is also true that the right tool at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Especially in a game as tense as PUBG.

Now, in fact, it is good to have knowledge of every weapon is an essential skill that every professional player should have. In an effort to help you reach that level we’re bringing you our list of best weapons in PUBG. We list them based on their firepower, shooting range and stability and many other factors.

So you know which weapons you should be paying close attention to regardless of your gaming style.

@10 M416​

M416 - best weapons in pubg

Now you can never go wrong with an assault rifle. There are the most versatile weapons in the game. Now they said some are better than others. So let’s start with the M416 and has the advantage of being the most accurate assault rifle and with the right attachments, it can even work as a decent sniper rifle.

The only problem is that it doesn’t pack much of a punch when it comes to stopping power. Your enemies will barely feel the bullets hitting them, so don’t count on them losing their aim when they shoot at you.

@9 AKM​

AKM - best weapons in pubg

Now the Russians knew what they were doing when they designed one of the most famous assault rifles in the world. However, Does it fire in the game well? the answer is that you will be hard-pressed to find an assault rifle that hits harder than this one, especially at close range. Your opponent will feel the impact trust us.

However, that power does come with a price don’t use it to fire from a distance and be mindful of its low fire rate and reload speed.

@8 Groza​

Groza - best weapons in pubg

Another lethal tool from the Russians more modern and devastating than the AKM. Don’t let its weird appearance fool you though this assault rifle has the strength and fire rate to turn your opponents into mincemeat.

However, this power and speed come at the cost of a painfully slow reload speed so you wanna hide when you must reload. Also stay at close range, this weapon wasn’t made for long distances.

@7 Kar 98k

Kar 98k - best weapons in pubg
Kar 98k

Now, this is considered by many the pinnacle of carbine Kar rifles and the weapon of choice for the German army during the Second World War. Although an old weapon it remains popular for a reason it’s legacy is still seen in the design of many modern rifles which speaks volumes of its efficiency.

It’s an all-around decent sniper rifle and best of all you don’t have to risk your ass for an airdrop to get it.

@6 SKS

SKS - best weapons in pubg

The SKS offers a comfortable middle ground between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. It does a lot of damage, has a high rate of fire and long-range effectiveness.

Also, it can accept a lot of attachments you can personalize it as much as you want the drawback is that it only has 10 bullet capacity so count them as if your life depends on it because well it does. Also, it has a lot of recoils so being sure you stand still when you’re shooting.

@5 M24

M24 - best weapons in pubg

Now the m24 could be seen as the evolution of the car 98k they share many similarities but this one has longer range and more damage than his German predecessor.

It also has a faster reload speed another attractive aspect of this weapon is that it is highly modular in nature. It has a lot of available attachments so you can personalize it the way that you like it. Overall a worthy successor of the German rifle.

@4 MK14 EBR

MK14 EBR - best weapons in pubg

Now, this weapon is the perfect hybrid between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle with an option to switch to automatic fire and a lot of firepowers.

This weapon is perfect for almost any situation from cleaning a house to sniping your enemies from afar. A crafty player will know when to exploit each mode. Its main drawbacks are that it has one hell of a recoil and low capacity magazine. So think very carefully when you want to go full assault with it.

@3 Mini14

Mini14 - best weapons in pubg

Now sometimes it’s not always about size or firepower but shoot tons of bullets and this is the perfect sniper rifle for those who will suck at sniping. It has the highest firing rate in the whole game and an extremely large magazine.

You know what they say if you can’t hit it with one bullet well shoot it with hundreds and hope that one lands that. But quantity comes at the cost of quality don’t expect too much damage from this weapon.

@2 M249

M249 - best weapons in pubg

Now some say this game is about finding a good location and having lots of patience and this weapon is for those who say screw that, who has time for that when it’s way more fun and just charge in and start shooting. After all your opponent can’t shoot at you if there’s a storm of bullets raining over them right.

High power and high magazine equal lots of death for anyone stupid enough to get close to you. That said reloading this baby takes an extremely long time. So make sure that you’re in a safe position when you do it.

@1 AWM

AWM - best weapons in pubg

So finally here we have it the king of the weapon that will make you the ultimate predator. This sniper rifle could be described as a miniature cannon taking into account the amount of damage that it does. For starters, every single headshot is a guaranteed kill regardless of protection. And best of all thanks to the long reach, you can enjoy a kill from extremely far away and a safe distance.

It is slow to reload but it’s take more than compensate for it so make sure you make each bullet count.

So this was our list of best weapons in PUBG. So what do you think about it, please tell us in the comments below.

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