KronixGG PUBG Settings, Graphics and Controls Configuration

KronixGG PUBG Settings, Graphics and Controls Configuration


Born on May 18, 1980, in Portugal, David Caldeira aka “KronixGG” is a very talented PUBG player. He was the captain of Team “Grow uP” eSports Roster. But now he plays only for “RogueGG” Roster.

KronixGG competed in many PUBG events with his team. Like other Pro Players, KronixGG is also a TwitchTv Streamer. And he only streams Player Unknown’s Battleground Gameplay. So here are KronixGG PUBG Settings, if you are interested.

KronixGG Pubg Settings

KronixGG Graphics Settings:

Resolution: 1920×1080

Brightness: 80

Screen Scale: 100

Anti-Aliasing: ULTRA

Post-Processing: VERY LOW

Shadows: VERY LOW

Texture: MEDIUM

Effects: VERY LOW

Foliage: VERY LOW

View Distance: LOW

Motion Blur: OFF

Vsync: OFF

KronixGG Setup and Gears:

Monitor: BenQ XL2411T

Keyboard: Ozone Strike Pro

Mouse: SteelSeries Rival Fade

Mousepad: ZOWIE G-SR

Headphones: Sennheiser G4ME ONE

As you have seen, these were the Kronixgg PUBG settings along with Kronixgg PUBG setup and gears. We hope you like it.


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