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From Germany, Mats Karthage also known as “P4wnyhof” is a Hearthstone player. He recently left Hearthstone and now he is playing the most trending and popular game Player Unknown’s Battleground. In Hearthstone, he was a well-known player. Pubg sure was a challenge for him. But he got some immense skills and strategies, a cause of which, he is now a PUBG Pro Player.

Since Mats “P4wnyhof” Karthage is now a professional PUBG player, we did some digging to present you with P4wnyhof Pubg Settings. It was sure a difficult task but we managed to get hands on some settings of what kind of PC, Mouse, keyboard or headsets, he is using for PUBG. Also, we got his Graphics and Sensitivity settings too. Here they are!

P4wnyhof PUBG Settings

P4wnyhof Pubg Graphics Settings:

Screen Scale: 100

Anti-aliasing: Medium

Post-processing: Low

Shadows: Very low

Textures: High

Effects: High

Foliage: Very low

View distance: Medium

p4wnyhof in-game settings

P4wnyhof Mouse Settings:

Invert Mouse: NO

General Sensitivity: 40

VehicleDriver Sensitivity: 45

Targeting Sensitivity: 40

Scoping Sensitivity: 40

Scope2X Sensitivity: 45

Scope4X Sensitivity: 45

Scope8X Sensitivity: 40

Scope15X Sensitivity: 40

P4wnyhof Setups and Gears:

Monitor: Asus Rog Swift 279Q

Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex 150


Mousepad: SteelSeries Prism Cloth XL

Chair: Noblechair II

Cam: Sony Alpha A63000

Remember gamers always make changes in their settings, but these are the P4wnyhof PUBG Settings that are known to us.

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