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Today we are going to introduce some of the most reliable PUBG Tips along with a few (always working) tricks of all time. And you will definitely like these tips and tricks. Because, with increasing popularity, PUBG nowadays has become more crowded. So there is no doubt that you may come across players with different survival skills, strategies or tactics. It’s really very challenging to stand alone against 100 different players. But not that difficult when you have few tricks of your own. That’s why! You should go through each of the Pubg Tips and tricks mentioned here. So that, No player will kick your ass again!

Controls and Graphics Customization

If you are playing PUBG on PC then you should consider configuring your controls and graphics as per your taste. This will help you to have better control and smooth gameplay. And it is highly recommended. Because a tiny lag can take away your dream of Chicken Dinner. This not only applies on Pc players but also for Pubg Mobile Players. It is an essential pubg tip to be considered.

TPP Mode And FPP Mode

Thanks to the latest update! You can now choose FPP or Tpp before a game. Make sure to try both TPP(Third Person) and FPP(First Person ) shooting mode. And only then, wisely choose any one of them which suits you the best.

Where No One Goes!

Where No One Goes!

Starting with the landing, one should avoid sites or areas, where most of the players have already landed. Because chances are that someone landed first may be waiting for you with Ak or something. The best thing to do is to get away from such spots and to land in at less crowded or no crowd area. This trick will help reduce the chance of getting shot while landing.


As soon as you land, look for the nearest house, building, Garage or any kind of building or Hut. Because, if you stay in an open for a while after landing and if you are unarmed then chances are someone will spot and kill you. So land in or near any house or something, where there are chances of having any weapons and ammo, and not many players around.

Understanding the Battlefield!

Understanding the battlefield gives you an added advantage over others. Always remember map and different landing locations, hideouts, and locations of weapons, drops, vehicles and other stuff. That way, you will always get first to the best stuff. This will keep you one step ahead of others.

Always Ready To Fight!

The best Player Unknown Battleground tips of all is that always be ready to fight, equipped with weapons and defenses like helmets and vests, once landed. As this game is not about how much kills you can score but it is about Survival. Whether you find and put a bullet in your enemy’s skull or he will find you first and then you will rest in peace.

What about Vehicles?

Vehicles are a good choice to keep up with a safe zone, drops, and long distance travels. But the only drawback is, that sometimes you will draw unnecessary attention of enemies nearby. With rapid fire from different directions, you will blow up along with the vehicle. Therefore, try to check out the surrounding area using scopes and only then take the risk of using vehicles.

Burst the shit out of the Vehicles

If you saw enemies trying to get away from a fight or zone in a vehicle or just roaming in a vehicle, then aim for the tires. One popped tire will slow them down and then finish them off. Different weapons take a different amount of bullets to blow different type of vehicles.

Water Transportation

Water Transportation

You can push the boat back in the water by using other vehicles. But traveling by boat too attracts the attention of other players. So don’t use it unless there is an emergency.

Air Drops

Air Drops

Don’t get excited when you see an airdrop and don’t immediately rush toward it. Someone may be waiting there for you with a sniper. Have patience, take cover nearby and check out the area around the drop. If you see any items laying on the ground nearby the drop, then someone has looted it and exchanged their weapons by the drop weapons. If not, then check if someone is coming for the drop. Wait in the bushes and then go for the kill.

Knock! Knock!

This pubg trick is used by pro players. An open door indicates that someone has been there and collected the best stuff or maybe someone is still inside it. So the thing is that never leave the doors open, as someone may suspect that someone is still inside. You can set up different traps for enemies by leaving the door closed or open, as if you are waiting for someone to enter the dragon.

Bag Space

A level 1 bag pack gives you bag space of 300, level 2 bag pack gives a bag space of 350 and level 3 bag pack gives a bag space of 400. Make sure not to pick unwanted items and accessories. Carry those items, which are necessary. Drop those items which are of no use.

No Shoes

Shoes will sure add style to your chosen character but at the same time, there is a risk that while walking or crouching, your enemies will hear your footsteps. So avoid shoes and walk or crouch barefooted, this will reduce some noise while walking. Crouching barefooted is the best pubg trick for searching or looting a house or building.

Shadows and Footsteps

Shadows and Footsteps

To hear enemy footsteps and to see their shadows behind door or walls or whatever, configure sound and shadow settings. Headphones are the best way to hear enemies footsteps. Shadows will help you to know their position and state or whatever they are doing.

An Easy Kill

An Easy Kill

If you saw any player running in open or nearby or inside any building, looting or applying bandages or busy doing something. Then if you have a clear view of him, and he is not aware of you, go for the kill before he notices you.

Zig-Zag Running

If someone shoots you when you are in open and if you didn’t have any idea from where the bullets are coming. Then don’t run in straight line, run in zigzag or unpredictable format. This will confuse the enemy. Take cover, apply first aid and then check the enemy’s position.

Stick Together (For Squad and Duo)

This is one of the essential pubg tips for squad players. Squadmates should stick together no matter what. If any teammate got knock then this way others will be nearby to revive him immediately.

Effective Communication

The Pubg tip recommended by most of the pro squad and duo players is while in a squad and duo, there should be “Effective Communication”. Voice chat is best preferred to communicate with your teammates. This will help to decide next move, plan, strategies, etc.

Edge of the Red Zone

Edge of the Red Zone

You can wait at the edge of the red zone with your most preferable weapon. That way, you can kill other panic players running out of the red zone. You can secure yourself from air-strike by taking cover inside a building. This Pubg trick is preferred for scoring most kills.

Circle Of Death

Circle Of Death

This is one of the very important pubg tips and tricks. In the last few minutes, when there are only three players remaining including you, hide and wait for other two to settle things between them. Then find and finish off the remaining one.
If you didn’t know where he is and the zone is contracting, then take a corner where he can’t see you and then continuously apply bandages and painkillers. The other player will die eventually being caught in the zone. And you will get the chicken dinner. (This trick depend on the environment if there is a place nearby to take cover or to hide).


As above we have seen different Pubg Mobile Tips, actually, it is applicable for pubg pc too. We have collected these tips and tricks from different pro pubg players. Well, there is no doubt that, by following above described tips along with your experience, you will sure make up to the last player standing. And even if the odds are still slightly against you, then these Player Unknown Battleground Tips will come to your rescue and chances are you will get Chicken Dinner for sure!

If these pubg tips prove to be helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your Squad Members and friends too.

Have some tips and tricks of your own? Then please tell us through comments or contact us through our “Contact Us”. We will grateful to have your support!

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