PUBG Vehicle Spawns Map or Locations

Vehicles perform a key role in the PUBG game, You can drive to the areas which are far away from air route, to get the most of the loot. So in this article, we will learn about PUBG vehicle spawns maps or locations.

We will take look at the areas on the map, where you will get a vehicle for sure. And we will also find out the possible locations, where PUBG car spawns.

So let’s start.

Friends, having a vehicle nearby in PUBG game is very much important.  With the help of a vehicle, you can go from one place to another quickly to find more loot. It also helps a lot to get into the safe zone when the deadly blue circle arrives. Along with these, you can also crush your enemies by vehicle. But it is extremely important to know about the PUBG vehicle locations for all of this. So take a closer look at these maps.


Before moving forward, Keep these things in mind :

  • We get a vehicle every time in the garage.
  • The numbers of vehicles in each map is different.
  • Every map has different types of vehicles.
  • In some maps, we get a special version of vehicles (like a mountain bike).

Erangel PUBG vehicle spawn map:

erangel pubg vehicle spawn map

Erangel Map

Erangel is the first and primary playable map of PUBG. And believe me, friends, all the PUBG players like this map very much.

So let’s know more about this map:

  • In this map of PUBG, you get the most number of vehicles than any other map.  There are 443 vehicles on this map.
  • In this map, you have nine different types of vehicles to drive. Including Buggy, UAZ (open top), UAZ (closed top), Motorcycle, Motorcycle (with sidecar), Dacia 1300, PG-117, Aquarail and C-130
  • This is the only map in which you will see the garages. There are 16 garages all over the map, in which you get a car at all time.


Miramar PUBG spawn map:

miramar pubg spawn map

Miramar Map

Miramar is the second playable map of PUBG with an open desert plain and rural areas. Mobile users do not like this at all while it is very much popular in the pc users.

  • We have 398 vehicles in this map of the PUBG to drive.
  • In Miramar map, we have 8 different vehicles and those are Buggy, Motorcycle, Motorcycle (with sidecar), Van, Pickup, PG-117, Aquarail, and C-130.
  • The most of off-road vehicles are found in this map.

Sanhok PUBG vehicle map:

sanhok pubg vehicle map

Sanhok Map


Sanhok is the most popular map of PUBG. It is an island with Rainforest which has greenery everywhere. Most of the players love to play this map of the PUBG game.

  • We found very less number of vehicles on this map. There are only 118 numbers of vehicles.
  • Here we get almost the same number of boats as compared to the vehicles.
  • We can drive mountain bike only on this map.

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