Technosh PUBG settings, Configuration, Setup and Gaming Gears


Born in Brazil, Joseph Touma aks “Technosh” is a well-known PUBG player. He participated in different Pubg tournaments lately. He currently is a part of Team 1v9 Gaming.

He is a good Solo as well as a Squad player. And his skills are skills are seconds to none. Below are Technosh PUBG settings, including graphics and his setups and gears.

Technosh PUBG settings

Technosh PUBG Settings (Graphics):

Resolution: 1920√ó1080
FpsCameraFov: 103
Brightness: 100
Screen Scale: 120
Anti-Aliasing: Very low
Post-Processing: Very low
Shadows: Very low
Texture: low
Effects: Very low
Foliage: Very low
View Distance: Very low

Technosh Setup and Gears:

Monitor: Philips 144hz
Keyboard: Razer Lycosa
Mouse: Logitech g502
Headset: Hyperx Revolver

Currently, we have a very low profile of Technosh Pubg settings, but if you have more info about him or his pubg settings. Then do let us know in the comments.


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