How to Uninstall ReShade from PUBG Game | Easy Method


A few months back an official person from PUBG Corp. posted on their forum, that they have blocked a popular program called Reshade.  They said programs like Reshade alter the graphics of the game, which is not allowed. And they also added that in order to play PUBG on your pc you have to uninstall reshade program.

So in this article, we will see how we can remove reshade program from our computer in order to play PUBG.

So let’s start.


What is Reshade and Why it is popular among PUBG gamers?

Reshade is a third party program that is super good for changing up the colors of the game. This will make the game graphics more vibrant which will allow you to see things with better sharpening. This program has plenty of other features that make the game looks crystal clear and there is no blur at all.

Reshade - graphics comparison

reshade graphics comparison

By looking at the image given above, you can get an idea of how far it improves the game graphics. And this is the only reason which makes reshade program popular into gamers.

How to uninstall Reshade from PUBG?

In their post, the PUBG developer makes this clear that they are only blocking players with reshade install on their pc. They are not gone ban you for installing reshade program. But you can’t play PUBG with rehsade program install on your pc.


So follow these simple steps to remove reshade program from your computer:

1. First of all login to your Steam account.

2. Then go to your steam library and locate player unknown battlegrounds from the list.

3. After that, go to its properties and find out local files. The default location for the PUBF files is.


pubg local files - uninstall reshade

4. Where you will see many files related to PUBG  from which delete following three files only.

  • Reshade-shaders (directory)
  • dxgi.dll
  • dxgi.ini

5. Once you delete these files verify the integrity of the PUBG files in the steam account.

verify integrity of the pubg files

That’s it, guys.


So, friends, this is how you can uninstall reshade program from your  PC. And now if you start PUBG game then you will not see the reshade loading panel.

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